Sound-Bites Magazine Release Party Featuring Live Music from Sensitive Men!

I found DIY photocopied comic books appearing around campus. When I tracked down the artist and asked how he made his little books, he replied, “Just experiment. The library has free printing.”

Fast forward three years. I’ve graduated, served an AmeriCorps term, and returned to my hometown. I make magazines.

There was a moment before the first Sound-Bites Release party this March when I thought no one would show up. Something in my gut told me to put up the decorations anyways, to lay out my magazines on the table in front of the T.V.

So many people came to my party. I was in love.

Fast forward three months. Submissions sent in from around New Hampshire and the Midwest. I have a box of Sound-Bites magazines on my kitchen table. This is the 9th edition, and each one is 24 pages and full color.

Sound-Bites is my passion project. It’s an independent magazine featuring the work of artists, photographers, and writers. It focuses on the practice of listening and taking time to process the noisy world around us through making art.

Now published on a quarterly basis, Sound-Bites is a community-focused project. Anyone can submit their creations, and submissions come in all sizes and shapes. They center around a theme each quarter. Past themes have included Sounds of Love, Sounds of the Road, and Sounds of Red.

Thursday, June 29th, the 9th edition of the magazine will be released at the Wayfarer Coffee Roasters on Main Street in downtown Laconia. The release party will feature live music from the Sensitive Men of Concord. They are three guys who talk about their feelings and play music. Also featured: magazine contributors presenting their work, magazines for sale, and wine!

Attendees are encouraged to come wearing their finest vintage ensembles. Why? The theme of this issue is Sounds of the Past. All submissions to the magazine were created with a wholesome helping of nostalgia and an electric look back at each artist’s personal history.

Sound-Bites invites all of us (even those who claim their art sucks) to pay close attention to our environment. Making things is a way to pay homage, to be present, and to make connections to the other people who share in our everyday experience. If you’re up for an after-work art adventure in the Lakes Region, come to the Sound-Bites release party! Everyone’s welcome to attend.


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Home sounds like shower water

Listen here, the coffee’s brewed.

“Home sounds like the water in the shower my son is taking. It is the laughter and comfort of he and his brothers voices, musings and their lives winding and weaving away and then back again”




‘From the Lake’ by Georgia O’Keefe

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Check out the rest of the Sound-Bites project.

The mountains sound like you

This is the last post for the Soudbytes zine, issue 2, “The Mountains.”

My own response to the question ‘Search and Rescue in the Whites’ was too long for me to afford to print but it’s been published by Misadventures Magazine. Please give it a read!

Thank you everyone for contributing to the zine and get going on all those beautiful submissions for round 3! The next question is ‘how does home sound?’ As usual, any and all answers are welcomed! A submission guarantees you a copy of the next issue.

Send them to me at 2121 13th Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55404 or It’s really best to keep the US Postal Service in business so snail mail is the way to go.

Lesson 1: expect the unexpected Lesson 2: just do it
Lesson 1: expect the unexpected
Lesson 2: just do it

The mountains sound like bird song


I can lose myself in you and feel so infinite in your infinity. But how can, at the same time, you feel so fleeting, distant, unattached, missing? I long for your company, but when I’m with you I feel so alone and inside myself. And only them I am myself. You don’t make any sounds and your presence is deafening. And even though you escape the everyday, the mundane, I keep you inside me, my soul. And when I catch a glimpse of you, even for the smallest fraction of a second, I am comforted to know you exist.
You are the echo of a chirped bird in an empty woods. You are the drip of a drop in a still spring. You are the whirr of wind in the soft leaves of the freshly leafed tree. (anonymous)


The Mountains Sound like….

Well folks, the 2nd issue of the Sound-Bites series is fresh off the press with 10 full pages of rugged mountain music. Luckily the morning was rainy as heck and staring at a computer screen for many hours seemed an appropriate surrealistic pool to fall in.

This zine includes submissions from contributers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Wisconsin, and New Mexicoall answering the question, How do the mountains sound. The submissions range from funny, thoughful, and strange to downright mystical. 45 copies have been printed and distributed to the detriment of the Gilford Public Library’s paper and ink stocks and the health of their budget. My sister says I am now indebted to plant exactly two trees in return for my 250+ pages.

And if you’re still wondering what a zine is, it’s “an independently-run and rugged publication.” As I like to say, it’s a one-woman show, meaning I do most of the work and probably should hire an editor. Many people have asked about an online version of the zine. I am working on my design capacities for a real website, but for now I’ll be posting one submission every day here on the blog. Keep checking back for a full color and digitalized zine experience! This one’s from my great friend, Jill Banach, a hiker, photographer, and half marathon runner from Shrewsbury, MA.