The Muskrat (part 2)


New Edition of Sound-Bites


Sounds of the Cold zine is complete.
It’s a frigid edition of Sound-Bites to celebrate the last days of winter.
Click the link for a view of the 24-page spread.
Physical copies will be released at the party.

Contributors include: Sam Kulvete, Marlee Leebick-Stryker, Zachary Flessert, Jean Clarke, Anne Meyers-Welsch, Matt Soza, and Eran Hornick.

Message me for details about the release party or to request a copy of the zine. Love you!


Home sounds like that Mason Jennings song

Photographs and lyrics submitted by Moriah Baltz

Raindrops on the kitchen floor and the curtain is blowing where the window’s open

Your arms wrapped around my neck and the kitchen sink is just overflowing

Spring flower by a singing stream and the secret to the thing is to let nothing divide us

One boat in an open sea it’s just you and me and our hearts to guide us

(See full issue of the Sound-Bites zine here).

house in the woods
Lyrics from ‘Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor’ by Mason Jennings

Home sounds like shower water

Listen here, the coffee’s brewed.

“Home sounds like the water in the shower my son is taking. It is the laughter and comfort of he and his brothers voices, musings and their lives winding and weaving away and then back again”




‘From the Lake’ by Georgia O’Keefe

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

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