bb’s First Bike Tour: Day Four Part II

Back in town I feel just a little out of place. I’m biking to my Air BnB and am monstrously hungry. I park my bike at Target and run in. I try and calculate what the cheapest and most filling item will be. I pick up a greek yogurt that is over 350 calories. Seems substantial enough for now.

I purchase the Noosa and rush back to my locked bike only to find my spork is buried deep in my pannier. I’m not even sure which of the two I’ve stored it in. Potentially unpacking both panniers seems like too much work and too much time. I’ve got to eat the yogurt, stat. So I peel back the cover and dive in, tongue licking mouthfuls from the middle back to the edges, then scraping the creamy remainders along the sides. This is heaven and I notice some Target workers on their break looking at me strangely.

After I assuage my hanger, I head to my temporary home. It comes complete with a hibernating tortoise in the backyard. Apparently 70 degrees is too cold for it to be out and about! The first thing I do here is shower, so luxurious and dreamy. My skin turns a shade paler as all the desert dust washes down the drain. I sigh sweet relief. The bed is somewhat hard, but I sleep though the night for the first time since camping.

Read on to hear about the great day of rest.


3 thoughts on “bb’s First Bike Tour: Day Four Part II

  1. I’ve always wondered how those cross country bikers can fit everything they need in those side-saddle bags. Glad to hear you’re eating yogurt – it’s in your genes, ya know. More tortoise info and photos please?


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