bb’s First Bike Tour: Day Two

The next day the boy leaves to go back to work. He says, “I hope you have a lot to think about,” and I reply, “I usually do.” Free and easy, I take down my camp and pack up my gear. I want to bike into Sonoita and see the town. On my way there I see a field full of antelope and a sign “Grazing Stops Blazing.” When I get to the town, I realize it’s not really a town, but more of an outpost for local ranchers. There is a collection of buildings centered around a single intersection: a gas station, a steak joint, a gift shop that sells “Aztek fetish” objects, and the cafe where I order a coffee, fruit, yogurt, and granola.


After fuel, I am desperate to find underwear. Before I left for my trip, the pipes froze at the house and we couldn’t do laundry. All my underwear was dirty and so on this trip I have none. The gas station has none, but then I notice a Dollar General across the way. I find two-pack of Hanes in the second isle along with some sunglasses.

Outside in the brilliant pearly sun, I remember to google the route to Patagonia, the town I hope to end my trip at before returning to Tucson. Nope, it’s not gonna happen at my pace. I’m slow and I don’t care.

I bike back up to the camp site from last night, happy to see a whole afternoon and evening sprawling out in front of me with nothing to do and no one to pay attention to but myself. I set up my tent and take a nap. I read my book, cook another dehydrated meal on the pocket rocket stove as the sun sets, and check the stars before I go to sleep at 7:30pm. Turns out my sleeping bag and my down jacket do a fine job of keeping me warm all on my own.

Read about day three here!


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