Feed the dogs,

make sure the big one gets double the amount of the little one

Separate the bowls so they don’t eat each other’s kibbles.

Feed the cats and make sure the dogs don’t chase them away from their treats.

Let the dogs out the back porch, so they can run to the barn

where the horses mill outside stall doors, ready for grain and hay.

Shut 2/3 horses in their stalls, so they don’t steal each other’s food.

Soak the old horse’s hay cubes in water so she can chew them,

Fill the one quart tin can with grain, once, twice, three times.

Give the horses their food.

Wait for them to finish.

The sounds of rustling oats in feed bins,

Sun sneaks through the barred stall windows

onto my hair and down my green flannel shirt

to the fresh shavings on the floor

where it sits in soft bars.

The neurotic horse paws the air while he eats.

Still waiting…so

take the dogs for a walk in the woods across the street,

return to the barn, unbolt stall doors from the outside,

let the horses free. Stand back and watch them move out,

matted fur and tangled manes.

Hope your healing’s going on while you bustle about,

chasing other things.



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