Running Doesn’t Happen on Empty!

One pair of sneakers, a belt to hold my phone, and a wireless pair of headphones.

That’s how it all started.

Three months, and two aching achilles later,

another pair of sneakers,

a pair of headphones,

that actually sticks around in my ears.

A new and improved fuel belt holds gels and energy cubes that taste like gushers, mini water bottles that clip to the outside and thread inside the belt.

At a group run in Concord, a Garmin rep tries to sell me a watch

and he’s almost got me until I find out they’re $300.

Now it’s spring, time for a t-shirt and shorts,

body glide to lather up all the places that rub.

Can’t they all just get a room?

My hat can bend up really small and store inside my belt too.

It’s my friend brings the ibuprofen.

She keeps the bottle in her van,

and we laugh about how sketchy this must look.

A pill exchange in the parking lot for the local softball league.

“One is enough,” she says,

handing me the red tablet.


Thank goodness I have my running buddy, Mariah, with me on these uncharted territory long runs!! We keep each other going strong even on the tough days 😀


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