March On

A summary of this blog post: I’m a klutz but the world has bigger problems.

This morning I was running to hide from the mechanic who’s coming to fix our refrigerator because I wasn’t wearing a bra as it was 8:30am. Pepper trotted in front of me. As I turned the corner to my room while holding my laptop, my cozy and apparently extremely slippery wool socks caused me to slide on the wood floor and crash to the ground. I was holding my laptop which magically is still functioning. I still don’t know exactly what happened but a lot of my body suddenly hurt. When I took off my sock to inspect one of the pain spots, there went part of my toenail. I can only imagine that I hit it on part of the doorframe as I fell. It’s times like these that I have to take a pause and thank the universe that I’m living right now. I’d definitely be dead if survival of the fittest was in effect.

I’m currently sitting on my bed with the dog soaking my foot in a salt bath. It sounds like the refrigerator fixing is not happening. I may resume eating like I’m on a backpacking trip: oatmeal, bread, peanut butter, potatoes, apples. This is okay except that I keep craving green things and then going out to eat and buying expensive salads which I really can’t afford.

March is such an awkward month! And it’s only been three days. Might as well hole up and read some more books….hopefully can’t get injured doing that. I’m into A Constellation of Vital Phenomena which is about the conflict between Chechen and the Russian government. History can be confusing to me but this book is so beautifully written that it’s made me curious to learn more about this area of the world and it’s history. From what I gather, Chechnya is home to an ethnic minority and it exists within the bounds of Russia at the Southwestern border. They want to be independent from Russia, and Russia does not want this to happen. Within Chechen schools, and organizations, there is discrimination against ethnic Russians. Russia sustained bombings and attacks on Chechnya from 1991-1996 resulting in the deaths of up to 100,000 people. War crimes were talked of. Thousands of civilians were killed. No war crimes were charged, and Russia remains a friend of the U.S. today.

A second war broke out in 1999. Currently, Chechnya is ruled by a Russian who sounds like a bit of a dictator. He’s interested in enforcing strict Islamic rules in Chechnya, and fighting the “scum” in Syria on Putin’s orders.


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