A Short Autobiography

A Poem About Me in Third Person

By Bethany Clarke

**** I keep editing it !! it’s for a class


Her spirit animal is a turtle

wearing mahogany lipstick,

or is it blackberry?

No mauve, definitely mauve.

Turtle slow and easy,

turtles all the way down.


The last time she sang a song to someone,

she could remember the tune

but none of the words.

Humming to Matt by the kitchen sink

this was right before

he spoke this:

“Don’t think it’s anything about you, but…”


She’s a witch.

She’s wearing bangles up to her elbows

and a necklace of leaves,

listening to a midwife delivering dreams.


“All this might be a costume,” she tells me,

“but when is it not

I am soft blue waves, a tide blooming,

the smell of sea stars.”


Some other important/interesting things:

Story by Grace Pezzella about women taking up space in the White Mountains.

& thanks to a wise friend for this advice: There is no “right” way to love or carry out relationships. Whatever floats this fleet of boats in the ocean of emotion is guided by waves of all forms.


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