Tundra Rehab

Some days Gilford feels like an isolated ice box. Snow continues to fall, and the monotony of February sets in. Those days are the days I pull out the art supplies. My oranges, my purples, the minty greens, and pinks. I crave everything that is abstract and saturated with color.


2 thoughts on “Tundra Rehab

  1. This looks mega fun! How do these work? The blog stuff is kind of new to me. Are you looking for contributions? Perhaps non specific free write jargon stuffs? Non aiming conscious streaming with a dash of misspelling. To be more specific.


    Will, from the butcher shop

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    1. Blogs are fun. They give you a place to share your experiments/thoughts without having to go through big “important” gateways like publishers. You should start one! And send some of your ramblings to me over here— bethanymariahclarke@gmail.com. If you have any images or music ideas to go with it, send those too. I’ll post and credit you 😀 Also, I publish an independent magazine and a new edition is coming out soon. I’ll give you a copy so you can see what I’m talking about. I’m always looking for contributions. Here’s a link to one from last year: https://issuu.com/bethanyclarke0/docs/sounds_of_the_road_online


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