Gray Velvet

Possibly I am the softest thing I know. I have a quiet voice, I am with children for a lot of my time, I eat lunch alone, I live with my parents, and to top it all off, I am short! These are not things that fill me with any sadness now. A week ago they did, but not now. My head is as clear as a butterfly and I do not know if it is because I went to a bad ass rock show last night in Boston, because I am capable of living in the middle of nowhere and being happy, or because I have a friend who’s coming to help me walk the dog at 5pm tonight.

 I am exhausted and I am hiking a mountain tomorrow. I am thinking about deals and writing and drawing more things. Always more creating. I flip between the wanting to produce and the wanting to keep the house clear of all excess. Always the wanting. Someone smart somewhere says “love is a constant state of need.” This season reminds me of transience, somehow in its gentle light on leaves, swirling winds, time falling through the hourglass, or is that grains of sand.

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