Summer Fever Hits

Things that happened this week:

  1. I phone 6 that was 2 weeks old got water damaged and died in an Otterbox case certified to endure up to 6ft underwater.
  2. Became the proud parent of new dumb phone that does call and text only. Goodbye data.
  3. Built the first story of a house in Saint Paul with five 20-person crews of Sunrise bankers.
  4. Moved all my belongings to my room to keep them safe from dangerously klepto roommate.
  5. Seeing a boy///being a girl.
  6. Decided to stay in Minne-hopeless, dear old town.
  7. Hello, world! Now to recharge and sit by the lake and try and find my hammock and make a beautiful zine about water.
  8. Thankful for friends and family who support me in the challenging weeks where I wonder if my life looks as messy as it feels.

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