Hiking at Night

Original Fine Art Silk Painting, “Tallac” Lake Tahoe Starry night Sierra mountain midnight, Blue, celestial, galaxy art by Christie Marie

Silk painting, “Tallac” by Christie Marie. Check out her website

****This is something I wrote in the White Mountains in August while hiking at night.


I came to the end of one gold thread. It was the life I lived until now. There, I lept off into

nothing. More specifically, nothing was a dimly lit dirt path with deep dark forest on either

side. In the day it might have been luscious green. My heart told me not to be worried,

but to keep moving quickly to find what was ahead. I didn’t think about other people’s

voices, not my mother or my father or my sister. Beside me, I heard a rustling which

could have been a sign of danger, but it lasted so long without punishment that I came

to think of whatever it was as my familiar. There was an animal out there to help me get

where I was going. I found strange human signs blaring in the dark: stop. An open gate:

go. And I paid attention only to the ones which suited me. Then I found you.

What grace and joy and light, I there in the darkness. You there snug in a small cave of

your own filled with the glimmers of candles. You were reading a book of poetry, seeing

the night through, greeting me, hello.



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