To Meet the Basement Muse

Here’s a post from my dear friend Helen’s new blog, Interpretive Mind. Her insights about living as a writer are perceptive and poignant. I highly recommend the blog, especially for all you creative writing and anthropology folks out there!

Interpretive Mind

All them eager actors gladly taking credit

For the lines created by the people

Tucked away from sight

Is just a window from the room we’re bound to

                        –Modest Mouse, “Blame it on the Tetons” 

I was in a restaurant when the epiphanies came. I was there not for pleasure but for work, and it was a slow night. My small notebook was tucked under some post-its on the desk and I was struggling with the thin boredom and fatigue a hostess feels on a mid-week night after six hours of standing. It was prime time for an existential crisis.

The first thought stirred out of a nebulous tension, almost resentment, which had followed me all day long:

Nobody tells you how hard it will be to live a creative life. The older and wiser don’t say how hard this part will be – or if they…

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