Sounds of the Road

This Friday night, a group of intelligent and well-spoken people discussed the word ‘solitude’ at  Eat My Words, a bookstore in Northeast, Minneapolis. I was there. One of the rare places where I regularly encounter solitude in Minneapolis is in my work truck, a beat up 1998 F150 with a ladder rack to boot. I am alone in the plush interior, viewing the city as I move through it with some distance from the hubbub on the streets. I croon to tapes or radio, depending on my mood.

Movement, sound, feeling.

These are some of my thoughts swirling around the next issue of Sound-Bites: Sounds of the Road. Who or what’s making noise when you’re on the road? Please listen and corroborate. Communicate. The call’s out to all you friends, friendly strangers, vagabonds, artists and amateurs alike. Heck, you could be a millionaire or even a scientist.

As usual, your submission can be your original work or the work of someone else, just make sure to attribute it. All contributors get a free copy. The zine is published online as well as in print, full color loveliness. Still working on keeping the U.S. Postal Service in business.

And one last thing! I’ve noticed a trend in submissions. Photos, poems, and song suggestions come in, but no drawings. I think this is the result of the adult fear of making bad art. Never fear! No art is bad, as long as you put good energy and time into it. I suggest reading Lynda Barry’s ‘What it is’ for encouragement in recovering your fierce and talented inner doodler.

Stumped on what to send in? Try some fun activities!

  1. If you own a car, stick duct tape to your dashboard and keep a pen handy. At stoplights and in parking lots, write down the titles of songs or song lyrics that catch you attention while driving.
  2. Ride public transportation across town. Listen in on conversations. Write them down or illustrate them.
  3. Take pictures of the pavement. Walk backwards. Try to find something out of the ordinary.
  4. Ask your friend/roommate/grandpa to tell you a story while you’re in transit.
  5. Read a page from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and circle all the sound words.
  6. Just drive. Make noise!

Contributions to the Sound-Bites project cover printing fees and postage. The goal isn’t profit so much as breaking even so this great creative community can keep thriving and jiving. If you’d like to donate, check out the Patreon account.

sound-bites b&w


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