Work Notes: How to Build A Shelf

  1. Commit a motto to heart.
    1. Ex: “If I truly believe that things can change will I wake up to something different?” (Breakfast with My Shadow, Aurora Borealis 2004)
  2. Dream a little dream.
    1. Ex: Build a shelf in room.
  3. Get wooed by the pieces of your dream.
    1. Ex: Scrap wood found on my work site in September and saved under piles of snow in the back of my truck. Snow melts, rediscover wood.
  4. Visit the friendly hardware store people to collect the tools and hardware you need along with the instructions for moving forward.
    1. Ex: Welna’s Hardware in Seward
  5. Install your dream with the greatest love, attention, excitement, and trust that you’ve ever had for anything in your whole life up to this point.
  6. Dress up the dream with precious knick knacks.
    1. Ex: Pinecone from Texas, family photo, a solar powered lantern, votive, Spanish pressed flowers.
  7. Sleep well and enjoy good fortune.



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