***A shout out to Yoga Sol in Northeast Minneapolis for being such a lovely donation-based yoga studio! I’ve been taking classes there for the past two months and it’s been a great way to stay balanced and active this winter.


At yoga class

our gentle bodies

move together arcing

and swaying,

sometimes tipping over.

So many here,

all right for however long.


Cool like the skin

of a citrus fruit,

my teacher’s voice says

it’s good karma

to brush your neighbor

with fingertips or toes.


In mountain pose,

I am strong

as I’ve been all day.

Standing tall at the front

of my borrowed blue mat,

arms stretched out for love.

2016-02-23 12.26.06



2 thoughts on “Stretching

  1. When I retired last year I decided I wasn’t going to “sign-up” for anything for a year–except I was going to add yoga. What a good decision. I love yoga and I love your poem.


  2. Love it! Reading it is just like practicing yoga – gentle, flowing, peaceful. I love the sound of my teacher’s voice and the energy it brings to a room full of people all doing their individual thing, yet side by side in following her instructions. Last night I tipped over (twice, maybe more) and it was a good reminder that we are always practicing, practicing, practicing – never performing, hey? Thank you for encouraging me to try yoga (again) and sharing your thoughts.


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