Zines are at the printer!

Today Minneapolis is filled up with snow. I fell down three times on my walk to this coffee shop. Four of maybe even six inches of snow covered a perfectly smooth layer of ice on the sidewalks and no one has had time yet to shovel. In fact, it’s still snowing.

I am finding adventure and newness despite inhabiting a world of concrete and car engines. I like the way I know the people at the hardware store and in coffee shops. If you walk the same route every day, you can notice ten new things every time you walk. Every time I am putting together a zine, I am noticing new things. I just sent the final draft of the publication to the printer.

One of my resolutions in January was to pay attention to the activities that fill me up with light. Education is valuable, but in some ways I believe my college degree and all the preparation that went into it allowed me to shut down certain parts of me in order to please other people. In the months since graduating, I’m re-learning creativity. I’m re-discovering pieces of light inside me. They turn, still move, and glimmer like snow at night.


2 thoughts on “Zines are at the printer!

  1. Do you think it was just to please other people? Or that, in order to succeed in college, you need to shut down certain aspects of yourself in order to focus on making it through successfully? (Not that the two things are mutually exclusive.)


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