What’s Dark? Some definitions

Almost every Indo-European language has a word for the absence of light. It’s a common enough concept. A lot of times people gave name to things which scared them. But the origins of ‘dark’ are muddled.

1000 years ago the word “deorc” was used by speakers of Old English. There is a similar word found only in Old High German (which was spoken in southern Germany about 1,000 years ago) “tarchanjan,” meaning “to hide” or “to conceal.” You can see how the start of this word, tarch-, is similar to “dark.”

  1. with little or no light.
    “it’s too dark to see much”
  2. not reflecting much light; approaching black in shade. “dark green”
  3. (of a period of time or situation) characterized by tragedy, unhappiness, or unpleasantness.
    “the dark days of the war”


  1. the absence of light in a place. “Carolyn was sitting in the dark”
  2. 2. a dark color or shade, especially in a painting

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