Wow! Never heard that before.

2015-12-27 16.09.08
Sister running on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City Dec. 2015

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the Sound-Bites vol 4 project thus far! I’ll be accepting answers to the question ‘how does the dark sound’ until January 22nd. At that point, I trust I will have a plethora of quirky, brash, and thoughtful selections to fill the final quarterly edition of the zine. Each contributor receives a glossy color copy 🙂

Sometimes friends get shy about sending things in. And if you are this friend, you are exactly the type who should be submitting! By virtue of being human, your contributions are inherently right! Art can be made by everyone. All you have to do is pay attention.

  1. Turn off the lights. Or walk outside. Go into the woods or whatever place you’ve been a little bit scared of since winter arrived.

2.  Shut your mouth.

3. Tune in. Even if the most life-altering and mind-boggling thought        leaps into your mind, let it go.

4. Put the pen to paper, spin a high school mix tape, tap out a note in your phone, snap a photo, or just pick up the dog toy you trip over every night on your way to the bathroom.

5. Listen and the sounds come to you!


2016-01-01 18.02.06
Having fun yet?

Info about how to submit here.


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