Your Daily Post: Sounds of Home


cover (1)
Materials: hand carved rubber stamp and ink, paper bags, the Southside News from October (delivered free to our back porch)

I’ll be posting the zine submissions for the most recent volume of Sound-Bites. Tune in and enjoy the variety of art submitted from near and far.

Email me at for a physical copy. I am charging a $3 to cover color printing costs and postage.

Find the full digital version of the zine here.


2 thoughts on “Your Daily Post: Sounds of Home

  1. It must have been a challenge to pull together such a wide range of formats, styles into one cohesive piece. It flows easily and it’s interesting to see the combination of visuals and text. I probably would have chosen a completely different photo of my piece I like to think of as “Saturday afternoon.” I’m more literally so I probably would have chosen a photo of a radio or juxtaposed NYC Met and a boxy little house. So, it was really fun to see your ediorial choices and re-think how it can influence the reader in a different way. I’m interested to hear more about your decision-making process. Do you check in with the author or artist? How do you coax those procastinators to write? Perhaps it would be fun to assign authors to artists or artists to authors?


    1. I usually check to see if they have specific requests about images to go with text or vice versa. Hopefully if they’re got a specific vision, they’ve already communicated this before I am in the editing stage. I think a collaborative project would be a lot of fun! Definitely something to think about for the future! Everyone could listen to a song and make things inspired from it. On coaxing procrastinators, I send messages, and make calls. Lots of em. I didn’t set deadlines for a while, but that got dangerous fast.


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