Ideas to get you started with your zine submission

2015-10-20 22.31.49

Here are some ideas to get you started with finding/creating a submission for the Sound-bites zine: How does home sound?

Remember, you can send in your own work or the work of another author/musician/photographer/artist.

  1. Fill a blank page with sounds from your house. Illustrate them. Paint or color them in.
  2. Write down a few lines of a conversation you had in your home. Where did it happen? Were you having company or was it among family members?
  3. Collage an ode to a room in your house or a person/animal who occupies it.
  4. Listen to a band that reminds you of home. Why are you listening to this? Pray tell!
  5. Pick a sound in your house. While looking at the object that makes that sound, put your pen to paper and draw it without picking up your pen. Now add some color.
  6. Ask other people about how their home sounds. Ask these people if you can take their picture. Match people to sounds.

Also, time for brief Q & A

Q: Why do you “attempt at embodiment of sound in a visual medium?”

A: I’m still figuring this out. My original intent was to focus in on the sensory experience of living. I’m interested in how our senses trigger different emotions which in turn influence daily actions. The sounds around us have real effects which we could (and maybe should) care to notice.

Thanks for listening 🙂


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