Who Lives in the Middle of Nowhere New Hampshire Anyways?

Picture damp couches ripping at the seams. They’re not the type you sink into because they’ve been sat on and compressed so many times that they’re dense masses of what used to be foam. There are two TVs, one small dead one in the corner form the early 2000s and another bigger, probably 50 pounds standing in the center of the room. Hooked into the front is a mass of DVD, VCR, and xBox chords which feed out into their proper devices. The walls are lined with book shelves and 4th of July decorations made from construction paper. There’s a picture of a goat, an abstract painting, and a giant calender all hinged delicatey on tacks poked into the wood paneling. In the corner by the single door, there’s a table with my jade plant and a bourbon bottle doubling as a vase for a bouqet of daisies. And the fridge hulks in the corner, the freezer filled with ice pops to last the summer and someone’s beer that exploded so that the glass is shattered and held together by the frozen liquid it used to pocket.

2015-07-11 18.00.58

This is my home. This is Admin. And it’s not for the glamorous or needy. But is for the summer seasonal workers of the AMC. We are a specific breed of people and if you do not begin as one of that breed, you will quickly become one by living in Admin for a few weeks. Forget your eye liner, mascara, cover up, your organized closet, and every inkling of personal hygene. Remember your favorite 90s movies, your reading list, your strangest art projects, and talking to people in person (no texts, no Facebook posts, no phone messages).

Days roll on. I lose track of the when I sleep indoors and outdoors. Camping is preferable to sleeping in my bunk. Peeing in the woods is preferable to an Admin bathroom (not that I’m peeing behind the guest lodge or anything).

Activities in Admin in order of general popularity :
1. hiking (obviously)

2. talking on the front porch

3. drinking (any and all days, never on the job…)

4. watching movies in the crew room

5. going on various food/shopping/Walmart outings in Conway or Gorham

2015-07-11 18.00.11-1

The stangest thing that’s happened so far was a story I heard from my old roommate. She went to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, opened the door, and found some guy in there on his laptop. She was so disoriented she couldn’t say anything and just wandered on to the next (thankfully empty) bathroom next door.

Great things which have happened:

1. A midnight escapade to see the Northern Lights over Mount Madison and Mount Adams

2. Stargazing with the astronomy interns in the field

3. Beer pong

4. Seeing Princess the moose and her baby in the swamp across the road!

5. Mr. Pizza dinners in Gorham–the greasiest place to get the best view!


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