Behind the Storehouse Door III

The third part of Storehouse work is keeping Pinkham Notch Visitor’s Center as much a part of society as possible despite it being in the middle of nowhere. It’s positioning between the already small towns of Gorham and Conway in the middle of the White Mountains National Forest maes it extremely isolated. No post delivery, no bank, nowhere to buy anything except your computer, and that’s if the WIFI isn’t used up by the 100 or so other employees and the uncountable masses of tourists.

Every day we scoot down Route 16 into town with one of our AMC vehicles which is about a 20 minute, 60 mph drive. Gorham is waaaay less preppy than Conway but not as grungy as Berlin. Picture a workng class town which sustains itself on the business of rich Massachusetts people coming through in the summer who are super hungry after hiking. Hence the abundance of pizza places and gas stations. Remember, abundance is a relative term considering Gorham in relation to the rest of the wild North Country.

2015-05-27 20.09.50
Only one way out. Good thing it’s gorgeous.

Everything the AMC needs can be found on the main drag which goes right through the town. I’m one of the only people who enjoys town trip among my co-workers. They either live in Gorham or have done so many trips that they find them tedious by this point. I like the trips cause I can pay my visits to everyone in town (the banker, the guys at the post office, the most helpful people at the hardware store, and Mo). One of the best things that happened to me on a town trip was when I was filling up at Mo’s and a man asked me about working at the AMC and wondered if I could give him my business card. Since I was wearing a highly unprofessional outfit of sports shorts, a stained t-shirt, and Timberland boots, I thought this was hilarious and also flattering that he might think I had a title to put on a business card. That said, town trip gets me out in the world of Gorham which begins to feel like the big city after a few days of living in the Notch.

Here is a quick run own of typical stops on town trip:

Daily stops:

1. the bank

2. Super Walmart

3. The post office

Occasional stops (around bi-weekly):

1. Gorham Mountain Hardware

2. White Mountain Lumber

3. the electrician’s shop

4. Mo’s gas station to fill up the tank

5. the dump in Berlin

2015-07-01 14.06.58
Gotta fill up the tank. Again. AMC is slowly moving toward a more sustainable and less fuel guzzling fleet but the process is slow
2015-06-24 11.02.48-1
Best place in town: White Mountain Lumber

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