Behind the Storehouse Door II

2015-05-28 12.50.26-1
Welcome to Storehouse at the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center

What’s this about packing food. Sounds so simple! We put food in boxes so that the AMC’s outdoor White Mountain adventurers can survive away from civilization with a full nutritional complex. This includes preparing food for a variety of people who go out for a wide range of times to a lot of different places doing different things. Storehouse caters to hut croos, hut guests, Teen Wilderness kids and leaders, volunteer and trail crews, and backcountry caretakers. These are all people with a hunger fueled by long hours walking and working in the woods. Metabolisms run high in the Whites and Storehouse is throwing in the fuel.

2015-07-05 13.26.09
Frozen pork loin purse

We’re not throwing people random bags of frozen peas and cheetos to pack up to their destinations. They tell us exactly how much they want by filling out a “req sheet.” Req is short for requisiton. Think of this as your backcountry shopping list. We’re got a wide variety of things that won’t go bad too fast and which have good nutritional content. Some of the most commonly req-ed foods are the Storehouse Blend gorp, bagels, peanut butter, beans, and pouches of chicken. I was surprised at the amount of fresh foods that go out. People are always asking for peppers, carrots, all types of cheeses, and even meat. I guess they eat them quickly so they don’t have time to go bad.

We give everyone whatever they want within fiscal resposibility to their department which will be charged for all Storehouse expenses. The hut and the trail crew reqs are definitely the biggest. Hut reqs have to be weighed and tied up in boxes so hut croos can strap them to their packboards and bring them up to the huts on packdays.

In general, I like packing food. It’s methodical, time consuming, and I can get into a definite rhythm while doing the work. Packing is like dancing now that I know where to find everything, and it’s especially good when I’m blasting tunes on the radio in the basement where dry goods are kept. Today we went for the full “Rent” soundtrack.

Storehouse = Clearing House for the AMC. Our task is supporting the infrastructure of all the other departments. We’re doing the dirtywork, the important stuff.

2015-06-19 15.36.58
Golden retriever assistance from Wilson
2015-07-03 14.57.39
The biggest order yet! Imagine unloading 4 more of these. And barbeque sauce that exploded on the truck driver. 

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