Rolling on under the stars

Life’s been good here in Admin (the building where I live and work). I can’t believe that month ago I hated the idea of being so close to my job. Now it seems normal. I can’t imagine commuting in (gasp) something so mechanical as a car. I’m noticing this as a theme in my life: the more I move my legs and the less I look at a computer, the more content I am.

2015-06-16 13.05.13
walking on the Davis Path I reached something that could have been the summit of something, then lost the trail, and headed back down to the subaru just as a complete downpour rolled in: a haunting hike
2015-06-18 06.57.02
just your typical explosion of stuff. welcome to the sandbox.
2015-06-18 18.30.44
most days i have trouble containing myself
2015-06-17 19.18.56
fall in love with the agony of love not the ecstasy then the beloved will fall in love with you

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