Work Notes: First Days at the AMC

I am sitting on my bunk in a Wisconsin flannel and wool socks. It’s a top bunk, not much room to spread out all my limbs, but enough so that it feels cozy. Cramped might be a better word for it. I left half my clothes in the car, partly because I was embarassed about how much shit I have, and partly because this room is half the size of my room at school with three people in it. Our view is of a parking lot. I sleep a thin pine wall away from the rigs and trucks I will be learning how to drive in the coming weeks. Today my co-worker was laughing at a girl backing into a space who “didn’t know how to drive a pick-up.” I didn’t say anything then, but I totally don’t know how to drive a pick-up!

I think this place will be healthy for me. It is amazing how quicklly the pressures of the college world have dissapated. I don’t want to check Facebook. I can leave my phone in my room all day and not care! There are not so many people to satisfy. A lot of people here have graduated college and it seems to be a small milestone in their past. This is giving me perspective on my own experience and also proving to be a hurdle in communication. When I’ve spent so long talking to Beloiters about papers and assignments and work, what do I have to say to AMC people?

Random summer may be in store. Here’s a list of what’s up with my day.

7:06 roll out of bed and drag on clothes

7:30 start work (organizing the freezer, filling food requests, driving to town to pick up and drop off mail, unloading shipment palettes)

9:00 “second” breakfast (really my first breakfast, but these are the leftovers from first breakfast)

9:15 back to work

11:30 ridiculously early lunch

12:00 back to work

4:00 off work and crashing/napping in bed

5:15 dinner at the lodge

6:00 exploring the woods with some co-workers, up to a lookout on wildcat!! that mountain will be a beast to summit, especially with my midwest legs. gotta get the mountain legs back.

8:00 retiring to my room/could be socializing if I wanted to in the common room. I’m working on putting more energy into my writing for the time being, plus my horoscope said that I will be in a “reflective mode” for the next week or so.


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