This is a creative piece i did for my Photo/Text Text/Photo class. Our assignment was to find a photograph from our college archives and to respond to it via writing. What does the photograph sound like? How does it smell?

Nostalgia for cornfields, for sweet smelling hay-lined barnyards, empty blue skies, and the dog who didn’t care about anything. My uncle who usually brought her the bones left over from his butcher but he showed up with a new camera that day instead. It was a little black Brownie he bought in Chicago with a fat paycheck from his banking job.

I’m the one on the cow in the back. Her bony spine which hurt like hell so I leaped off just after my uncle took the shot. I remember I spent the next few hours following the dog around the farm, pretending I was her a member of her one-dog pack. When my father yelled our names for the milking at 4 o’ clock sharp, By then, I’d nearly become a dog myself, and sniffed the ground on all fours picking up the trail of a vole who passed by early in the day.

From Fred's old photo collection
This is a photograph from Fred’s personal collection of early farm life photography found in an antique store in Wisconsin.

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