January: Winter Cleaning

No plastic water bottle,

no sweatshirt that was too small,

none of your ballpoint pens mixed up with mine.

No newspaper clipping you scribbled over

writing down directions, no rubber bands,

dog collar, beer in the fridge.

There’s your band t-shirt too:

cool, black, and heavy,

I liked how it rested

on your cold shoulders,

how it didn’t smell like me.

But this weekend its soft old fibers

met the beligerent tumble of my spin cycle.

Yes, my life is deliciously spare and unattached.

But the life my cat leads is not so.

The hat you half-crocheted

and left for dead is her body pillow.

Curled up small on top the rough knit,

she’s indulgent and softly purring,

her fur soaking in blue winter morning.

Creds to National Geographic for this awesome photo
Creds to National Geographic for this awesome photo

After reading study upon study about human happiness, Gretchen Rubin did a bit of self-experimenting. Every month she focused on reorienting an area of her life to meet her ultimate happiness goal. She didn’t reach perfection, but developed some better habits and eliminated a lot of daily stress. You can read briefly about her experience here on her website or find her book, The Happiness Project, and read it.

IRubin alotted her January time for clearing and cleaning up her life, restoring order by tackling nagging chores, and finishing projects. With a break from school and wanting to trim down some of my possessions in anticipation of future travels, I’ve been giving away/throwing out what I deem to be unnecessary or superfluous items. Mostly I’ve loved getting organizined. I can see the floor in my room and I found some new paper for watercoloring that’s been in storage since middle school. But in writing about the process, I also remembered all the things I purposely don’t clean.

Also, Belle and Sebastian came out with a new album in December but this is one of their older songs that is great!


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