Crazy for the Sea


Poem: “A Crazed Girl” W. B. Yeats. Born in Dublin, grew up in Sligo, an oceanside town in the north of Ireland (not Northern Ireland). Yeats called Sligo and the seascape backed by rolling green hills the “country of his heart.”


Song: Snakadaktal, a band my roommate gifted to me, knew the sea can hypnotize too. I love this song “Feel the Ocean Hold Me Under” by them on their 2013 album Sleep in the Water. It might be about drowning and that’s okay, tragic and dramatic and all that. But I think it’s an album devoted to a complete obsession with the sea and I completely understand.



A Crazed Girl

That crazed girl improvising her music.

Her poetry, dancing upon the shore,

Her soul in division from itself

Climbing, falling She knew not where,

Hiding amid the cargo of a steamship,

Her knee-cap broken, that girl I declare

A beautiful lofty thing, or a thing

Heroically lost, heroically found.

No matter what disaster occurred

She stood in desperate music wound,

Wound, wound, and she made in her triumph

Where the bales and the baskets lay

No common intelligible sound

But sang, ‘O sea-starved, hungry sea”


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