Drunk Advice

My Friends and I Meant to Have a Quiet Night

But for some reason Kieran liked my reticence,

my refusal to smile or make eye contact an invitation

for advice delivered by booming baritone,

his sounds peppered with spit bits of saliva and scotch breath

which barreled straight for my ear’s delicate tympanic membrane.

“Buy a house in Connemara,

drink so much whiskey

you fly crying off your rocker

neglect all your family and whatever

friends you’ve got, sing manic tunes

for long walks alone through bogs

flaming peat moss fires sending still-damp cinders

up into a swirling sky

which threatens to swallow you in deep gray mist.”

“That sounds lonely,” I replied.

“Oh it’s terrible lonely. You need to be

near suicidal to write! Off yer fuckin head!”


5 thoughts on “Drunk Advice

      1. Lots of things of course, depending on how long you’re here. In the city, you should definitely check out trad music at the Crane Bar or Tig Collis, walk the promenade on Salthill which runs along the sea with a great view across the bay, and stop in at any of the coffee shops! I love the Tea Garden and Pura Vida. If you have time for a day trip you can go to the Burren or the Aran Islands by bus from the city center. The Burren used to be a submerged sea bed so the hills are topped with expanses of flat limestone slabs. Hope this helps and good luck with you travels. Your blog is great as well! I really enjoyed browsing it.

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