Resolution: Move Forward

“You do not need to be fearless to be bold.

Be afraid, but move forward.”



I’m trusting Wikihow on this one, especially since my professors will never see this post! My sister and are planning a long distance hike in early spring of 2015 for five months. After being in school for sixteen years of my life, the idea of taking a semester of college off to go into the woods for five months brings my mental synapses close to a short circuit.

If I indulge in my worrisome side, I dwell on everything that could make me regret the adventure. Maybe I won’t want to finish my last semester of school, maybe we’ll get sick of each other’s voices, and maybe I’ll get mauled by a bear. Yup. The living daylights are sprinting away from me at top speed.

When this mindset creeps around, I remember why I said yes to my sister when she proposed this plan in the first place.

1. Being outside and in movement makes me the healthiest and happiest I can be

2. This spring will be one of the only moments in our lives when we have time to be together for this long doing something we both love–HIKING!

3. I want to push myself beyond what I perceive as my own physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries. Long + hard time on the trail = long time for personal development

4. Meeting amazing people and having great conversations. Hikers are a friendly and….eccentric/lovely gangle of humans tromping around the earth.

This list is why I’m resolving to move forward despite my fears. On to buying gear, planning routes, learning what mushrooms we should run away from, earning the cold hard cash.

Welp. Till next time. Here’s a grand old song for ya about leaping around barriers and such.


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