Welcome to Gardening in Beloit, WI


I figure that after a month after being here, it’s time to tell y’all exactly what I’m doing kicking around Beloit, WI for the summer (aside from biking and keeping two cats alive). 

My Official Title = Sustainability Fellow at Beloit College. 

The Jazzy Job Description = Promoting sustainability and engaging in community-based learning through my internships

The Internships = 

  1. Beloit Urban Garden (the two-plot campus garden which sells organically-aware fruits and veggies to the college dining services) through  are divided between work in the Beloit Urban Garden (BUG) on campus and at the Merrill Community Garden a few blocks North. 
  2. My focus is on the Community Sharing Garden in the Merrill Neighborhood which is part of the Merrill Housing Initiative funded by the Wisconsin non-profit organization, Community Action. 

What I Actually Do = 

  • Gardening – i.e. hoeing, raking, weeding, weeding, learning to use a tiller, more weeding, walking up and down rows and trying not to step on anything, asking questions about plants, watering, hauling the hose without moving down plants, digging holes, asking questions about dirt, surveying the plots with arms akimbo and forever sunburned cheeks.
  • Community Building – i.e. playing games with neighborhood kids involving digging for Minecraft gold in the compost pile, giving away flowers, doing math problems in chalk on the fence boards, eating snap peas together, talking about the weather, playing one round of bone-chilling hide and go seek involving three gallon buckets of water on an 80 degree day

These days are a whirlwind of eye-opening, exhausting, and dirty. All good things! More stories to come from the gardens of Beloit.



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