Sister Daze…More of the Whites

Thank you Writer’s Almanac for the perfect poem to say goodbye to the mountains just in time for the Wisconsin summer.


So Much of the World

by Gregory Djanikian

So much of the world exists
without us

the mountain in its own steepness

the deer sliding
into the trees becoming
a darkness
in the woods’ darkness.

So much of an open field
lies somewhere between the grass
and the dragonfly’s drive and thrum

the seed and seedling,
the earth within.

But so much of it lies in someone
standing alone at the edge of a field
with a life apart

feeling for a moment
the plover’s cry
on the tongue

the curve and plumb
of the apple bough
in limb and bone.

So much of it between
one thing and another,

days of invitation,
then of release and return.


In which my sister and I attempt to show off new ear piercings. 2 out of 3 complete.
View from the back porch of Admin
On top of Bald Face…clouds descend! Strange sitings here: two black birds racing each other, a centipede/millipede crawler, ants, and a helicopter.
Toward a flatter home!

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