The Wonderful and Strange in the White Mountains

Mount Washington in the clouds

I visited my sister here who’s working on the kitchen crew at Pinkham Notch. She feeds all the spring tourists from Massachusetts and Vermont who are hungry for vacations au naturale in the White Mountains National Forest. I shouldn’t be talking though! I was hungry for mountains and real pine trees and cold rivers running quickly instead of slurping along like they do in the Midwest.

I did some hiking around the lodge while my sister was working, attempting to scout out the mythical moose creature.


Finding only poop, hoof tracks, and a secluded pond, I headed back to the lodge to check out the little library. The library gets a lot of square footage in the lodge, considering it’s mostly a place for hikers to crash after a long day on the trail. It’s at the end of the building, so there are windows on three sides to let in sunlight which illuminates the wooden floors and walls. After scanning the shelves and finding mostly animal ID books which were too dry for my taste, I plunked down in a nice leather chair next to the trail log.

Look at these gems:

the trail log, my knobbly knee, and shoes that I abandoned because they gave me blisters
Dude! This guy was on the whole poetry thing. **Wildcat’s a nearby mountain/ski area

When my sister got out of work, we drove into town (a lucky freedom for her because she typically has only her bike for transport) and ate lunch at the local grocer/yoga studio/cafe/gallery. Then we visited my mom who was working a business conference at this holy relic of a hotel:

Mount Washington Hotel…you can tell I liked the clouds
a very different world

Needless to say, our hiking boots and hairy legs did not fit in well, but I played mandolin on the porch and got to talk to some businessmen investing in a company producing mechanical parts in the region. My sister got to explore the grounds, and my mom got a complimentary platter of gourmet cheese, seltzer, and figs with her room.

Heading up on Tuesday for further adventuring.


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