The Letter Project

Here’s to a New Year! The beautiful and frigid beginning of January is the official moment when we can kick life into a smoother gear for the year ahead.

As Pablo Picasso reminded us, “What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.”

My resolution started with a Facebook status. Like it, and you get a letter, scroll by it and you can watch all your friends get letters. 31 likes. 31 more pieces of post in 2014.


1. You can feel a letter (in your heart or hands).

2. You can hold a letter.

3. You can save a letter.

4. You can carry a letter in your pocket.

5. Letters can hold suprises–think magazine clippings, weird photos, and perfume.

6. Letters stave off economic depression (people are paid to sort them, deliver them, sort them again).

7. “Letters are like wine; if they are sound they ripen with keeping.” ~Samuel Butler

8. Finding old letters written during your kindergarten days can be a hilarious occasion.

A letter is far better than a Facebook inbox, so give your friends the care and attention they deserve for being awesome. Send a letter their way to make their day and yours a little brighter.

Here’s my favorite song about letters. It contains a warning from Johnny Flynn about honesty in the mail: “Don’t say in a letter what you can’t in my ear.”

And lastly, another letter enthusiast weighs in:

Happy Letter Writing!


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