Chicagoland Part 2

ImageI woke up in very happy in the cupboard after the type of night’s sleep that comes from a room with no windows and warm blankets piled on top of you. I lay in bed for a few extra minutes, lingering with the happy rested sleep feeling a little longer. When I got up, Marie was in the kitchen making tea, so I joined her and we sat for two hours talking about traveling and the differences between the Midwest and the Northeast. Marie’s story about moving between bed and breakfasts for the past two years was inspiring and also one that assured me how very sensible my life is at the moment. The conversation ended with us concluding that milk and hot green tea is a lovely combination especially in tall clear glasses and the Northeast United States is the best place in the country. Too bad we were in the most Midwestern of cities when we decided this.

The rain outside showed no sign of letting up, so I chose to buck up and head outside in my rain gear which included a light fall jacket and courderoys. By the time I got on the subway I was damp with the Chicago drizzle. My next destination was the AMC Theater in Near North for the Chicago International Film Festival. I arrived still dripping and wet, but found an ultra-comfortable, cheap, and warm seat for a matinee showing of “My Sweet Pepper Land” which turned out to be a combination of a Western plot within a post-Osama Bin Ladin Afghanistan setting. I enjoyed it for the beautiful panoramas of the Afghani hillsides, even if the end was a little “boy and girl left in a barren land with nothing but their love for each other to support them” predictable.


Unfortunately I had to leave this safe haven from the rain to find the train station. I on a street that boardered Chicago’s river this time, admiring the old bridges which cross it and eavesdropping on the conversations of the businessmen of Chicago’s Loop. Anyways, I found the Amtrack station, and then back at Beloit in no time, taking the bus ride to zone out while listening to Sufjan Stevens serenade the city I was leaving behind.


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