The Pull of the Atlantic

ImageToday was one of a very few number of days off since camp has begun. Feeling the pull of the open road, four co-workers and I loaded up the car and headed for the Atlantic. The backroads of Maine we rolling and green and the nintey degree humid weather gave us an amazing display of heat lightening which lit up the pink clouds. We camped at Hermit Island near Bath, Maine for the night. The next day we spent the morning frolicking in the ocean and working on our sunburns, then had lunch in Bath, and drove back toward New Hampshire. Of course, there was a mandatory Ben and Jerry’s stop in Freeport where we also hit up the L.L. Bean outlets. All in all it was an amazing day. My phone was dead for most of the trip, but here are some tumblered photos of the island.


Cold Water

Sea of perpetual motion and shifting faces,

waters roiling with ancient knowledge

of viking oars and the hull of the Santa Maria.

Rolling and spiraling

time is never of essence,

only the rythmic magnet of the moon

pulling you to another shore.

A piece of our soundtrack from the drive.


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