Maybe You Don’t Deserve To Be Happy

Thought Catalog

I am not good at taking criticism. I mean, to be fair, I don’t know if anyone really is. Some people are better at hiding their disappointment than others, I think, but no one likes to hear something which is both devastatingly unflattering and true. And I am one of those people who is simply not good at masking that disappointment and offense. I’ll try to brush it off, or to defend myself, or to make it feel just slightly less accurate than it is. “I’m not impatient,” I’ll think, “I’m excited about the things that are important to be excited about.”

(I’m impatient.)

So when a friend told me, recently enough to still have that fresh-wound sting when I think about it, “Sometimes I feel like you talk down to me, like you don’t listen to what other people want,” I couldn’t stand it. “Maybe that’s because I’m awesome…

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