What I Love About Jamaica


1. Fresh fruit that looks like it’s from a Dr. Seuss book.

2. Night-time dips in the pool

3. The Moon–although I suppose this is everywhere. But this May there was what’s called a supermoon. If you somehow missed the huge full moon in the sky at the end of May, you’ll get another chance this June. The moon will be within 90% of its closest orbit to Earth.

4. Insane switchbacks on Blue Mountains roads.

5. The view of Kingston and the sea and the Shire-esque hills at the top of the Blue Mountains.

6. Climbing the falls in bare feet.

7. Van rides to internships with the chillest and wisest rasta driver.

8. Reggae radio ALL THE TIME.

9. Making fun of tourists.

10. Forgetting that we are tourists.

11. Having the excuse to speak with random strangers in the name of anthropology!

12. Lizards, goats, cats, and crocodiles.

13. Roadside vendors.

14. The smell of Jamaica in the morning.


**These photos are from National Geographic, but as soon as I get home, I’ll upload some of my own!


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