Beach Walk

It’s a malaise that’s fermented,

alive and well

and quite actually eager

to be unleashed.

I am self-indulgent and I am bold,

blatant, rash, and naive,

always ready to take on a challenge

until it jeoprodizes me

and my perfect state of bliss

earned through my ashtanga flow

and bitter black coffee.

This is what the next generation has

to offer you. This is the way the world’s headed.

We can all cry together because we’re reeling

toward a tumult of feelings

and people who think too much,

who stare blankly at spaces,

and who live for an intoxicating present

that is beautiful and dangerous.

We will wallow in self-pity

and self-constricting guilt,

loving every minute of ourselves.

Lend us a brittle hand.

We’re not as cool as we seem.


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