The Weight of Stars


It is strange how one person’s words

can affect another.

Words break down the crust and dirt

caked on and gathered in layers

from the dusty rumble of the day.

A system of forms and lines

so delicately aligned

that water springs from eyes

as glimmering pearls of emotion.

Yet again, you failed to outwit

the inevitable energy of the universe

propelling you to feel heartbreak, sunrise,

and the weight of stars,

bearing down on you.

Weight has caught up to you again tonight

and for the thousandth time you fail

to outwit she and her cohorts known

as innocence and vulnerability.

They live in the back of your head space

as two blue synapses

but you’re practiced at silencing them.

The weight of stars can only be invoked

with fire or cool water on familiar lips,

spoken in tongues,

or deposited carefully on the page

as conviction, voice,

giving you purpose and light

that you can carry with you to the next day

with that other voice carried

as a single red blood cell

in your veins.


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