New Fruit Humming

My friend and I went to an Iron and Wine concert last night at Berklee. We felt like total country bumpkins as usual among the buzz of Boston and an audience of musical geniuses. We got lost, took an unintentional driving tour of downtown, talked to a drunk guy celebrating his 21st birthday out our window at a stoplight.

But we heard Sam Beam and his amazing band! He made sure to mention the irony of the fact that Berklee invited a guy who can’t read music to play for them. Also, as someone in the audience said, his beard is lush.

One of my favorite songs from his new album, Ghost on Ghostis “Low Light Buddy of Mine.” It reminds me of Edward Hopper’s painting from the 50s called Nighthawks. 

Barricade my heart with soft green sound

so we’ll live in a thin moment together

sustained by saxophone

and the shape of your lips as you say Hello.

We’ll slide through alleys

and we pick up rain

and we all get boarded

on the oak bound train.

Faces pass and pale ghosts too

and it’ll all come closer to me and you.



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